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The Hand of Glory is a pub, food and music venue from JaguarShoes Collective sited at the original Amhurst Arms in Hackney Downs. It holds a liquor licence dating back to the 1800s when the surrounding area was primarily fields and farmland.

Giant maypoles, wicker masks, brass icons, a straw bear and a ghostly mare; The cosy interior unites a collective of artists in a disquieting, but colourful exhibition of British folk culture. Like The Wickerman sacrificing Bill Oddie to the gods of Countryfile, it celebrates pagan festivals, traditional iconography and folkloric customs from across the history of the British Isles.

Hand of Glory is a seductive experience that re-explores the rich foundations of Cool Britannia.

Gourmet burgers, curly fries, really wild hot dogs, neon slaws and watermelon jelly ‘n’ ice cream. A kid’s party, to which grown-ups are invited! 

The REALLY WILD DOG, our specialty is a Hotdog built from a Frankfurter that’s handmade to our recipe in the wilds of the Yorkshire fells with a cross breed of wild boar and wild pig and is (to our knowledge) the first ever Iron Age pig Frankfurter!!  It’s delicious.

Eat a classic or try The Beer Dog, a classic Wild Dog frank poached in delicious JaguarShoes Collective Milk Lager.

NEON SLAWS – Pink – Orange – Green, will give you a tangy burst of flavor, a vitamin kick and three neon flavours.

WILD BURGER Just like a classic burger, but with added Iron Age pig bacon! Served with melted cheese, and our special recipe burger sauce, on a soft, toasted burger bun.

Every Sunday the kitchen serves the areas most popular full Sunday roast created in traditional Northern style.

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240 Amhurst Road, E8 2BS London

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