Is it really free to make a reservation or privatize a bar?

Reservations and bar privatizations are completely free with YouShould. You can also cancel your reservation prior to the date of your event without penalty.

Why reserve with YouShould ?

How can I make a reservation or privatize a bar with YouShould ?

Just fill in the necessary fields in the form found at the bottom of the page for the bar that you want to reserve or privatize. Once your request has been sent, you’ll quickly receive a confirmation text that provides you with the bar manager’s number and an email with the details of your reservation.

How can I get in touch with the bar to find out if my reservation was successful ?

YouShould will let you know by text within 3 hours if your reservation was accepted by the bar manager.

Is there a deposit or a minimum that we have to spend ?

That information is available on the page of the bar that you’d like to reserve, under “Conditions.” Deposits are common for group reservations of more than 40 people. On the other hand, a spending minimum is quite rare (only a few bars on our platform have one).

I’m looking to reserve or privatize a bar that has a separate room just for us. Is that possible ?

Go under the heading “find a bar”, and click next to “basement or private room.” That way, only bars with a private room will appear in the results.

Can I put on my own music for the party, or maybe bring a cake ?

Sure - just go under the heading “find a bar”, and click next to “bring my own music.” Now only the bars that let you put on your own music will appear in the results.

If you’d like to bring your own food to the bar, click here.