The Five Best Hangover Cures. Ever.

The best cures for a hangover
Don't let your hangover get the best of you

I sat up in bed with that rather unpleasant feeling you get sometimes that you’re going to die in about five minutes.” PG Wodehouse.


Sound familiar? Waking up with a hangover is the worst. It’s no wonder that our fellow humans have always dedicated themselves to finding the best hangover cure to help them through the post-alcohol blues. Here at YouShould, we know that a hangover can ruin your whole day so we’ve found the best cures from around the world to help ease your pain.


Pickled Sheep’s Eyeballs in Tomato Juice

Bizarre hangover cure - sheep's eyeballs in tomato juice
Sheep’s eyeballs? Maybe not.

This hangover cure is not for the fainthearted and (unless you’re not telling us something) will take a little bit of preparation… we certainly don’t have sheep’s eyeballs in the fridge. The ingredients are simple. One pair of pickled sheep’s eyeballs in tomato juice and voila, you have one traditional Mongolian hangover cure. It’s a bit of a leftfield option but you can console yourself with the fact that the sight of it in the morning will probably make you tremendously ill anyway and distract you from the fact that your head is pounding.

Want to try rating: 0/5

Boasting rights if it works: 5/5


Buffalo Milk

Buffalo milk, a Namibian hangover cure
Cream, cream and alcohol.

This Namibian hangover cure sounds perfect – a little bit of nice, organic buffalo milk to help make the pain go away (seriously, please go away). Turns out that the joke is on you. Buffalo milk is not milk at all. It’s a curious combination of dark rum, cream liqueur, spiced rum and whole cream. CREAM. Did you ever wake up with a hangover and think, “I really want to drink some cream. Mmmn, cream.”? Thought not. As for the other ingredients, they all contain alcohol, so this is basically a creamy hair of the dog.

Want to try rating: 3/5

Boasting rights if it works: 2/5


Canary Droppings In Brandy

Strange hangover cures - canary droppings in brandy
This little canary will be happy to help…

The best hangover cure the folks in Hungary have come up with is… canary  droppings in brandy. Here’s the thing about canary droppings. It’s bird poo, which isn’t really very good for you. The droppings can contain harmful parasites that can cause some pretty nasty diseases. Then there’s the brandy. Much as we love a hair of the dog, half the time it really doesn’t work and the other half, it does and then you feel crap again a few hours. Try this one at your peril.

Want to try rating: 0/5

Boasting rights if it works: 4/5


Pickle Juice

Pickle juice to cure a hangover
This one might actually work

OK, so we’ve thrown out a few crazy ideas for hangover cures and it’s probably time to tone it down a bit. Russians swear that a shot of pickle juice helps to get rid of the next day horrors and guess what, there’s actually a scientific reason why this might be true. The salty pickle juice contains lots of electrolytes to help you to bounce back after a night out on the town. This works best if you have the pickle juice before you go to bed but has a decent shot of helping if you have it first thing in the morning.

Want to try rating: 4/5

Boasting rights if it works: 2/5


A Fry Up

Fry up - the best cure for a hangover
When in doubt, go for a fry up

The good old British hangover cure is a massive fry up. Not anything fried in a pan qualifies as a fry up – it has to be the magical combination of bacon, sausage, eggs, baked beans and toast. Experts disagree on whether the great British fry up actually works as a cure for a hangover but when it tastes that good, who cares?

Want to try rating: 5/5

Boasting rights if it works: 0/5


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