YouShould: Avoid Wearing




Going to Shoreditch? You should wear cropped trousers.

Going to Chelsea? You should wear the most uncomfortable high heels you own.

Should you though? Really?


Instead of what you ‘should’ wear, let’s reflect on what you should not wear. Playsuits. We all know and love them, but seriously, are they worth it? Is it worth stripping down to your knickers every time you need the toilet? Choose a dress, girls.

Tee-shirts under shirts, lads. I know that it’s ‘trendy’ to have an opened button shirt over a similar coloured tee, but trendy is also a word my dad uses so it’s one we mustn’t trust it when it comes to what you wear to a bar… to potentially pull…

MADE IN CHELSEARucksacks. I am this person. I love wearing my rucksack because I can fit everything in it and let’s face it, you never know where you’re going to end up. Despite this, they are such a pain and could save you the agg’ of knocking into scary drunk east-enders. Just fork out for a cute evening bag.
Anything fake. Fake eyelashes, extensions, nails. If you need to glue them or clip them to keep them stuck to you, you don’t need them. There is nothing worse than chatting to a girl at the end of the night with stumpy finger nails and an eyelash hanging off her face. Girls, you don’t need um’!

Fancy dress when it isn’t Halloween or Christmas. You’re making yourself look like you’re on a hen do for someone called Karen from Blackpool. Don’t do it.