Girls you’ll meet in the toilets


LipsWe all know how the Ladies Toilets turn into a drunken animal pit past 9pm. If someone’s going to spew, they don’t care about reaching the toilet. If someone thinks you have nice hair, they won’t tell you, they’ll touch you. If someone doesn’t like you, they won’t ignore you, they’ll attack you with their pack closely following them.


From lady to animal in seconds, find out the TOP FIVE females you’ll meet in the toilet past 9pm.


Miss I love myself. She sees nothing but herself. She is interested in nothing but ensuring her contour is still in check. She accidentally went in before you? She didn’t even notice because you are invisible. All she sees is her greatness and that’s all she came in to check on so ‘move, bitches’.


Miss Nice. She sees EVERYTHING. You dropped your brush? Don’t worry!! She’s got it! You need loo roll? Just ask!! Her turn for the loo? No, no, YOU GO!! The nicest drunk you’ll ever meet.


Miss Insecure. She’s been in here for a good twenty minutes now, her mates have come in to find her. She hates her hair, outfit and makeup. Oh wait… She’s going home.


Miss You better watch yo’self! You looking at her? You starting with her? You better not be because this girl is an annnngry lady! She ain’t got time for Miss Nice or Miss Insecure. She came in to do one thing and get back to her boy, check no girl be looking at him, so don’t you give her grief.


Miss FRIENDS! Hopefully the Miss we all know and love. She just wants to be your best mate. Yeah, her bezos are at the bar, but so?? She wants a new one. She’ll let you use her make-up, hell, have it!! She’ll tell you you’re pretty and she’s never seen anyone dress like that before. Then she’ll tell the next girl, and the next…
How many numbers have you seen… or been?