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We love making people’s nights out awesome, and can’t wait to give away these all inclusive nights out.
Competition closes Wednesday 30th November 2016 at 11:59:59 BST.



Classic Margarita – Cocktail Recipe Of The Week

The best margarita recipe to try at home
Hone your cocktail-making skills

Tequila, it makes you happy. If that’s true, then you’ll be ecstatic with this simple margarita recipe. Four ingredients. One amazing cocktail.

The best margarita recipe to try at home
Hone your cocktail-making skills with this Margarita recipe

How do you feel about tequila? Is it that drink you tried when you were (ahem) eighteen, took it too far and have sworn off ever since? Or are you a total aficionado, sipping slowly on your Don Julio on a nightly basis? Whichever one you are, you should try your hand at this margarita recipe.

Margaritas combine the sharp tang of lime, the orange-y tastiness of triple sec and a quick blast of salt from the rim. No one is sure about the origin of the cocktail, but the most common version of the story is that it was invented in Ensenada, Mexico during the forties by bartender Don Carlos Orozco. Orozco created the cocktail and gave it to the German ambassador’s daughter Margarita Henkel to try. She loved it and he named the cocktail after her. The recipe for the perfect margarita hasn’t changed much since Orozco’s time – it’s one of the easiest cocktails to make but definitely one to impress your friends.

The Ultimate Margarita Recipe


50ml tequila

50ml lime juice (and a little extra for the glass)

35ml triple sec (such as Cointreau)


Slice of lime

Make it

  1. First, prepare the glass. Fill a martini glass with ice and leave it for a few minutes to chill. Empty out the ice then sprinkle a little salt on a flat surface. Wipe the edge of the glass with some lime juice and then put the glass in the salt. Twist to coat the rim with salt.
  2. Put the remaining ingredients (other than the slice of lime) into a cocktail shaker with some ice. Shake quickly and hard then strain into the glass.
  3. Serve with a slice of lime.


Can’t be bothered to go to the effort? Reserve one of these London cocktail bars today.

The Five Best Hangover Cures. Ever.

The best cures for a hangover
Don't let your hangover get the best of you

I sat up in bed with that rather unpleasant feeling you get sometimes that you’re going to die in about five minutes.” PG Wodehouse.


Sound familiar? Waking up with a hangover is the worst. It’s no wonder that our fellow humans have always dedicated themselves to finding the best hangover cure to help them through the post-alcohol blues. Here at YouShould, we know that a hangover can ruin your whole day so we’ve found the best cures from around the world to help ease your pain.


Pickled Sheep’s Eyeballs in Tomato Juice

Bizarre hangover cure - sheep's eyeballs in tomato juice
Sheep’s eyeballs? Maybe not.

This hangover cure is not for the fainthearted and (unless you’re not telling us something) will take a little bit of preparation… we certainly don’t have sheep’s eyeballs in the fridge. The ingredients are simple. One pair of pickled sheep’s eyeballs in tomato juice and voila, you have one traditional Mongolian hangover cure. It’s a bit of a leftfield option but you can console yourself with the fact that the sight of it in the morning will probably make you tremendously ill anyway and distract you from the fact that your head is pounding.

Want to try rating: 0/5

Boasting rights if it works: 5/5


Buffalo Milk

Buffalo milk, a Namibian hangover cure
Cream, cream and alcohol.

This Namibian hangover cure sounds perfect – a little bit of nice, organic buffalo milk to help make the pain go away (seriously, please go away). Turns out that the joke is on you. Buffalo milk is not milk at all. It’s a curious combination of dark rum, cream liqueur, spiced rum and whole cream. CREAM. Did you ever wake up with a hangover and think, “I really want to drink some cream. Mmmn, cream.”? Thought not. As for the other ingredients, they all contain alcohol, so this is basically a creamy hair of the dog.

Want to try rating: 3/5

Boasting rights if it works: 2/5


Canary Droppings In Brandy

Strange hangover cures - canary droppings in brandy
This little canary will be happy to help…

The best hangover cure the folks in Hungary have come up with is… canary  droppings in brandy. Here’s the thing about canary droppings. It’s bird poo, which isn’t really very good for you. The droppings can contain harmful parasites that can cause some pretty nasty diseases. Then there’s the brandy. Much as we love a hair of the dog, half the time it really doesn’t work and the other half, it does and then you feel crap again a few hours. Try this one at your peril.

Want to try rating: 0/5

Boasting rights if it works: 4/5


Pickle Juice

Pickle juice to cure a hangover
This one might actually work

OK, so we’ve thrown out a few crazy ideas for hangover cures and it’s probably time to tone it down a bit. Russians swear that a shot of pickle juice helps to get rid of the next day horrors and guess what, there’s actually a scientific reason why this might be true. The salty pickle juice contains lots of electrolytes to help you to bounce back after a night out on the town. This works best if you have the pickle juice before you go to bed but has a decent shot of helping if you have it first thing in the morning.

Want to try rating: 4/5

Boasting rights if it works: 2/5


A Fry Up

Fry up - the best cure for a hangover
When in doubt, go for a fry up

The good old British hangover cure is a massive fry up. Not anything fried in a pan qualifies as a fry up – it has to be the magical combination of bacon, sausage, eggs, baked beans and toast. Experts disagree on whether the great British fry up actually works as a cure for a hangover but when it tastes that good, who cares?

Want to try rating: 5/5

Boasting rights if it works: 0/5


Now the hangover is sorted you probably need help creating your next one. Book the best bars in London now.

London’s Best Wine Bars – Top 10 Wine Bars In London

Top ten London wine bars featuring Champagne & Fromage
Champagne & Fromage, Brixton


Best wine bars in London
Sip or Slurp? London’s Best Wine Bars

Let’s face it, we all love wine, well most of us do anyway. From guzzling glasses of malbec to sipping a delicate pinot gris, Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to drinking up the good stuff. Here’s our guide to London’s Best Wine Bars.


Vinoteca Soho


Vinoteca Soho one of London's best wine bars
Vinoteca, Soho. Photo courtesy of Vinoteca.


A well-known wine bar with several outposts throughout London, Vinoteca was started in 2005 by three founders with a passion for good food and even better wines . Although the Farringdon location is the original, the Soho outpost is our favourite. Wine lovers can explore their vast menu, which features a changing list of 25 wines available by the glass, not to mention 285 wines on the list.

53-55 Beak St

London W1F 9SH

020 3544 7411



Vino & Vino


Vino & Vino, one of London's top ten wine bars
Vino & Vino


Tucked away across from a tiny leafy park by Smithfield Meat Market, Vino & Vino is real find for those that love Italian wines. No list of London’s best wine bars would be complete without it. The wines are divided into regions and the wine list features copious tasting notes to help you discover something new. The relaxed atmosphere means the staff are friendly, very helpful and always on hand to make a few suggestions.

16 West Smithfield




The 10 Cases


The 10 Cases bills itself as an unpretentious bistrot with wine as its focus (or a bistrot du vin for the more sophisticated of you) and this is exactly what it is. Centrally located round the corner from Covent Garden, it’s a fabulous spot that never gets old. The name comes from the fact that they only ever buy 10 cases of the wines on their list so they’re constantly offering something different when you visit.

16 Endell Street,

Covent Garden

0207 836 6801



Enoteca Rabezzana


Enoteca Rabezzana one of London's best wine bars
Enoteca Rabezzana


Although relatively new (it only opened last year), Enoteca Rabezzana has already garnered itself a legion of devoted fans who will swear to it being London’s best wine bar. As the name suggests, Rabezzana is a high-end Italian enoteca (wine-shop/ bar). The food menu is notable for it’s skilfully executed Italian dishes such as Black Ink Tagliolino Pasta with Roe Mullet, Garlic and chilli. If that’s not enough to tempt you, they have over 150 wines available by the glass, thanks to their state of the art Corvine preservation system.

62-63 Long Ln,



020 76 000 266



Humble Grape


This Battersea stalwart has been shaking up London’s wine scene since 2009. Its mission is to help everyone to appreciate wine by getting rid of the pretention and letting the wine do the talking. The wines themselves come from small unheard of producers and vineyards worldwide. The Humble Grape’s attitude might be humble, but the choice of wines is not and their friendly approach means there’s always someone on hand to help you pick your next favourite tipple.


2 Battersea Rise


SW11 1ED

020 3620 2202



Champagne & Fromage, Brixton


Top ten London wine bars featuring Champagne & Fromage
Champagne & Fromage, Brixton


Set in the heart of Brixton Village, Champagne and Fromage brings the bubbles to South London. As its name suggests, the focus here is on Champagne and cheese and they do it remarkably well. In a market that is often restricted to the big names, the Champagnes here are from small growers and of the highest quality, not to mention perfect when combined with a cheese or two.

Unit 10-11 Brixton Village


0207 095 8504





Terroirs has long maintained its reputation for innovation and the ability to excite. They source their wines from small-scale, artisan producers that can be difficult to find elsewhere. The wine list is a testament to their focus on organic and biodynamic wines, making this the place to go and try natural wines in London.

5 William IV Street,



0207 036 0660



Bedales, Borough Market


London Wine Bar - Bedales of Borough
Bedales Borough Market, photo courtesy of Bedales


Testament to Borough Market’s ongoing reputation as one of the gastronomic hubs of London, Bedales should be on every oenophile’s roster of go-to wine bars. Prepare to try something a little different – their menu is a well-thought-out but eclectic selection of wines from around the world from Rieslings produced in Chile’s Elqui Valley to organically produced Catarrattos from Sicily.

5 Bedale Street



020 7403 8853



Sager & Wilde


Sager & Wilde London, best London wine bar
Sager & Wilde London, photo courtesy of Sager & Wilde.


Sager & Wilde is a beacon for oenophiles in East London. There’s two Sager & Wilde’s – one on Hackney Road and the other not so far away on Paradise Row in Bethnal Green. Wines vary day to day, but are all reasonably priced and matched perfectly with the inventive food menu.

Sager + Wilde Paradise Row

Arch 250 Paradise Row


E2 9LE

020 7613 0478

Sager + Wilde Hackney Road

193 Hackney Rd,


E2 8JL

020 8127 7330





When you call yourself a wine workshop and kitchen that takes the traditional wine experience to a new level, you ought to take your wine seriously. It’s a good thing that 28°-50° does. There are actually three 28°-50°s but our favourite is the Fetter Lane one, just off Fleet Street. Each of their 15 red wines and 15 white wines is available for the glass, carafe or bottle, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

28 Fetter Ln



0207 242 8877



The Shirt

What to wear on a night out
Too much?

‘What we thinking tonight lads?’ a question that will proceed every night out. ‘Shirts?…Like proper formal?…Or we just going T-shirts?’ Then there’s shoes, ‘these ones or these ones?….Yeh but if I go those ones I’ve gotta change trousers.’ Difficult stuff for any young mind to tackle.

All these daily, weekly, monthly decisions over dress, all come down to the same unspoken golden rule of outfit selection. The outfit must dove-tail with the venue. For example, no one of sane mind, attends a funeral in a green velvet suit and platform shoes. However, I believe I have developed a loophole theory which might save you, the reader, of this constant agony.

The way I see it, the shirt is just about universal across all night life establishments. At the premium clubs and bars, you will probably be wearing what every other bloke is donning. A thin, (crisply ironed of course) long-sleeved shirt with limited, if any patterning, accompanied by chinos/jeans and most likely some brogues of the pointy variety.

At a standard ‘chart music club’, by opting for the shirt, one can play the part of a mature, sophisticated hunk that, of course, you already are. At this point, I would advise neither long nor short sleeved. But, perhaps to really show off, whether it be long or short sleeved, one may trump for a shirt that one’s parents would describe as ‘more out there’. Patterned, paisley, floral or whatever cooks your curry.

Now for the bravest of you out there, a shirt can still be unleashed upon the lowest form of night club. Admittedly, your only hope is that every t-shirted specimen present will be too inebriated, sloshed, slashed wavy or even monged to notice the contents of your outfit. An outcome which may be very likely. However, if they do notice, then I’m afraid that you do run the risk of looking like an IT apprentice who took a wrong turn on his way home. But, as I say if you are a brave and consider yourself to be a ‘shirt man’ then by all means go for it.

I realise, that it might be argued, by the many thousands who will read this article, that trousers, or ‘pants’ as some of my deluded contemporaries insist on calling them, are more universal than the shirt. But, what I say to these nay-sayers is; where does the eye first travel when seeing someone on a night out? Not the shoes, nor indeed the trousers, but the upper half of the figure. One’s eye is drawn to faces and the top, whatever it may be, comes within that remit. Therefore, in the style of an AS history essay, I conclude that, although the trousers may be just as universal as the shirt, the universality of the shirt holds greater importance according to the habits of the human eye.

So readers, next time you are dragged into a mate’s wardrobe for outfit advice, I invite you to think back to this article. ‘What can do a job almost anywhere?’ you’ll think to yourself. And ignoring the voice saying ‘James Milner’ in your head, you reach past the desperate wreck in front of you and pluck a shirt from the rail. Problem, well and truly, solved.


What does the shirt and Jimmy Milner have in common? They’ll both do a tidy job absolutely anywhere.
Too ‘out there’?
Check out these hunks! So let’s see…that’s shirt, shirt, shirt and er…oh yes, shirt. These boys have clearly got the whole charade sorted out.



‘Instaworthy’ Bars


Don’t act like you’re paying £15 for that mojito because you’ll savour every last drop.  You want a sick photo that is slightly structured, slightly highlighted and perfectly warm for your Instagram feed. We know you.

Right, so, the best places to find the coolest drinks and kooky spots to take that 30+ like photo are…


THREE – The Book Club, Shoreditch

For a refreshing cocky and cool photo, choose The Book Club in Shoreditch.  The Victorian Warehouse on Leonard Street has two spacious floors and by day appears to be an intellectual coffee spot for cool computer geeks, but, by night, transforms into a clubbing hub with a variety of cocktails for less than £10!  Don’t be surprised if you catch an intimate set from DJ EZ there at the weekend. CHECK. IT.



TWO – Sketch, Mayfair

Next. Dress up in your faux fur and let’s head west, darling.  The glamourous centre of food, art and music, attracts many of the rich and famous and is the perfect place to dress O.T.T.  In fact, you’d look odd if you didn’t.  Visit Sketch’s East Bar for an incredibly elegant cocktail and catch DJs playing Wednesdays through to Saturdays from 10.30pm each night. Fabulous.




ONE – The Lucky Pig, Soho

Head to the centre and get down in the dirt of it all.  Pig-out on cocktails at this incredible antique bar with music, vintage-style drinks and lots of 20s style hair dos!  Go snap some ‘babes’ for your feed and enjoy.


Best Districts to Go Out in London


There are 262 districts in London. So, we’ve done some research and have picked out the best places for you to have a night out in London.


Brixton has lots of little bars in the market that are not the usual ‘London prices’. There is lots of variety in this district and is something for everyone. Where that’s an old traditional pub for a few pints after work, or a classy late night bar open until the early hours.




This is where the cast & crew from the famous ‘Made in Chelsea’ hang out. Whenever, I watch this program I am also keen to go to Chelsea and try out the new bars that have been on the previous episode because they all look so classy. There are some amazing restaurants and brilliant bars, including the infamous ‘Bluebird if you are want something a little more sophisticated.




This is the place to go for young professionals, the kind of place where you bump into people you know. You’ve got Clapham North, Clapham Common, Clapham South and Clapham Junction – so you’ve got plenty of bars and clubs to visit. There are plenty of happy hours to go around and lots of music.




Granted, Covent Garden is the more elite part of London but there is so much going on – how can you not pay it a visit? You’ve got the opera & theatre, culture, street performers and plenty of classy establishments to get a beverage in.

Covent Garden



Soho is where the best nightlife in London is at from the prices not being too ridiculous for London to the incredible atmosphere. You’ll see plenty of regulars in the bars who will be more than happy than to have a chinwag with you.




This area is mainly where you find young students. Not only is it up and coming, but it is cheap and a lively place to go.

Elephant and Castle



Shoreditch is another area where you will find the younger generation. It has a very arty/edgy/quirky vibe. There is a lot of live music, craft beer, whiskey and hipster food places. Apparently you will also find many a beard there as well.




Similar to Chelesa in the way that it can be expensive but is a lovely place to go for some chilled out drinks. It’s the kind of place that says ‘no to trainers’ in the club.




There are plenty of quirky places here such as ‘Drink Shop Do’ You pay to drink but also fun workshops in there you can do at the same time, such as decorating mugs, building robots or learning the single ladies dance.

Kings Cross

However, they also have bars like the Big Chill. This is a low lit, laid-back bar with sofas and a front terrace.


Why don’t you check them out and let us know what your favourite district to go out in London is!

What is the worst club song ever?


Justin BieberPicture this: It is your first night out in ages with your friends, you are drunk with not a care in the world; then your world stops spinning, your jar drops and… one of these songs are played. The night is ruined!


Any song at all by Justin Bieber
Remember that time he had 3 of his songs at 1, 2 & 3 in the UK Charts and they were constantly played in every bar and club. I didn’t mind some of his songs until they were played on every radio station nationwide on a constant repeat.



Touch my Bum – The Cheeky Girls
This one has been around for a long time now, but it still infuriates me whenever I hear it. Also people feel like it gives them an excuse to actually touch your bum – in the words of MC Hammer ‘U Can’t Touch This’.

The Cheeky Girls
Wonderwall – Oasis
Ridiculously overplayed song, I once heard this being played at a silent disco, as you can imagine taking the headphones off was a big mistake. Now this song has too many bad memories.



When clubs play the Glee version of anything
Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of musical theatre and putting a cheesy spin on things is great, but I love the original versions more. For example, when someone puts the Glee version of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on instead of the original, you know there is something wrong with the world.

Glee version of anything
#SELFIE – The Chainsmokers
Half of the song is someone talking – we listen to songs to hear people sing! It is also very much autotuned. Then there is the fact that people actually start taking out their phones to take real selfies – these people should not be allowed in public.

The Chainsmokers


The Cha Cha Slide – DJ Casper
This song would only be acceptable if everyone was professionally trained in the dance before entering the club. It is the absolute worst when people are doing the dance moves but don’t know their rights from their lefts and end up spilling their drink all over you. This should also really apply to Saturday Night & The Macarena but you would think people are sensible enough to understand that they can’t have a drink in their hand because of the big dance moves. Plus, those two are absolute classics and cannot be shunned.

DJ Casper
Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl
No Peter, please stop singing, your abs also cannot be real – no one has abs like that!

Mysterious Girl
Because I Got High – Afroman
Who gave this guy a record deal? The laziest and most repetitive lyrics I ever heard.

Any DJ who has turned a classic song into a club anthem
Coldplay does not deserve to be turned into a club song. Anything that Coldplay does is the best and should be left in it’s original form. I once heard a club remix of ‘Fix You’. Are you actually kidding?!

Any DJ


Do you agree with me? Are there other songs that are played in clubs that really frustrate you? Let us know!

Girls you’ll meet in the toilets


LipsWe all know how the Ladies Toilets turn into a drunken animal pit past 9pm. If someone’s going to spew, they don’t care about reaching the toilet. If someone thinks you have nice hair, they won’t tell you, they’ll touch you. If someone doesn’t like you, they won’t ignore you, they’ll attack you with their pack closely following them.


From lady to animal in seconds, find out the TOP FIVE females you’ll meet in the toilet past 9pm.


Miss I love myself. She sees nothing but herself. She is interested in nothing but ensuring her contour is still in check. She accidentally went in before you? She didn’t even notice because you are invisible. All she sees is her greatness and that’s all she came in to check on so ‘move, bitches’.


Miss Nice. She sees EVERYTHING. You dropped your brush? Don’t worry!! She’s got it! You need loo roll? Just ask!! Her turn for the loo? No, no, YOU GO!! The nicest drunk you’ll ever meet.


Miss Insecure. She’s been in here for a good twenty minutes now, her mates have come in to find her. She hates her hair, outfit and makeup. Oh wait… She’s going home.


Miss You better watch yo’self! You looking at her? You starting with her? You better not be because this girl is an annnngry lady! She ain’t got time for Miss Nice or Miss Insecure. She came in to do one thing and get back to her boy, check no girl be looking at him, so don’t you give her grief.


Miss FRIENDS! Hopefully the Miss we all know and love. She just wants to be your best mate. Yeah, her bezos are at the bar, but so?? She wants a new one. She’ll let you use her make-up, hell, have it!! She’ll tell you you’re pretty and she’s never seen anyone dress like that before. Then she’ll tell the next girl, and the next…
How many numbers have you seen… or been?

YouShould: Avoid Wearing




Going to Shoreditch? You should wear cropped trousers.

Going to Chelsea? You should wear the most uncomfortable high heels you own.

Should you though? Really?


Instead of what you ‘should’ wear, let’s reflect on what you should not wear. Playsuits. We all know and love them, but seriously, are they worth it? Is it worth stripping down to your knickers every time you need the toilet? Choose a dress, girls.

Tee-shirts under shirts, lads. I know that it’s ‘trendy’ to have an opened button shirt over a similar coloured tee, but trendy is also a word my dad uses so it’s one we mustn’t trust it when it comes to what you wear to a bar… to potentially pull…

MADE IN CHELSEARucksacks. I am this person. I love wearing my rucksack because I can fit everything in it and let’s face it, you never know where you’re going to end up. Despite this, they are such a pain and could save you the agg’ of knocking into scary drunk east-enders. Just fork out for a cute evening bag.
Anything fake. Fake eyelashes, extensions, nails. If you need to glue them or clip them to keep them stuck to you, you don’t need them. There is nothing worse than chatting to a girl at the end of the night with stumpy finger nails and an eyelash hanging off her face. Girls, you don’t need um’!

Fancy dress when it isn’t Halloween or Christmas. You’re making yourself look like you’re on a hen do for someone called Karen from Blackpool. Don’t do it.